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Why are stress and strain so important in engineering and what effect do they have upon metals? How can we use stress and strain calculations to design almost all engineering components? In this course, you will find the answers to all of these questions and many more. You will learn:


  • The definition of stress and how it is calculated. 
  • The definition of strain and how it is calculated.
  • How failure of a material can be predicted based upon its stress and strain limits.
  • What Young’s Modulus is and how it is calculated.
  • What Hooke’s Law is and how it is calculated.
  • Heat treatment and its effect upon a metal (annealing, quenching etc.).
  • What the terms strength, ductility, malleability, toughness, and hardness mean in metallurgy.
  • How to identify corrosion and its various forms (galvanic, localised, chloride stress, caustic stress etc.).
  • What alloys are and how they are formed.
  • And much more!


Every engineering industry requires metals for the construction of buildings, pipes, machinery, and equipment. Once you have finished this course, you will know why certain metals are chosen for specific applications and how these metals fail.

Other important info…

  • This course takes you from zero-to-hero, no previous engineering knowledge is required!
  • High quality 2D images are used throughout.
  • Wherever possible, metric and imperial units are quoted.
  • Relax, we have taught over 50,000 online students, we know what we are doing!
  • Quiz is provided. 
  • A Certificate is provided.


Hope to see you on the course!


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    1. Strain

    2. Definition of Strain

    3. Types of Strain

    4. Deformation of Cubic Structures

    5. Summary

    1. Young's Modulus

    2. Hooke's Law

    3. Young's Modulus (Elastic Modulus)

    4. Summary

    1. Stress-Strain Relationship

    2. Elastic Moduli

    3. Tensile (Load) Tests and Stress-Strain Curves

    4. Summary

    1. Physical Properties

    2. Strength

    3. Ultimate Tensile Strength

    4. Yield Strength

    5. Ductility

    6. Malleability

    7. Toughness

    8. Hardness

    9. How Alloys Affect Physical Properties

    10. Summary

    1. Working of Metals

    2. Heat Treatment

    3. Cold and Hot Working

    4. Summary

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