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What will you learn in this course?


This online video course is designed to eliminate the mysticism surrounding electrical power and its calculation

You will learn:

  • What mechanical and electrical power is and how they are defined. 
  • How to calculate power using equations. 
  • Why power is such an important concept in electrical engineering.
  • The relevance of power on resistive, inductive, and capacitive circuits. 
  • What instantaneous, apparent, reactive, and real power is. 
  • What complex power is. 
  • How to use trigonometric identities to solve power calculations. 
  • What power factor is and how to calculate it. 
  • What three phase power is and its significance. 

The topic of power in electrical and power engineering is an exciting and interesting one. If you want to build a strong knowledge foundation upon which to advance your career, this course is highly recommended. 

Graham (course instructor) has been involved in the power engineering industry for over 35 years. He has taught thousands of online and offline students. If anyone can teach you the basics surrounding power analysis in AC circuits, it is definitely him!

Enjoy the course!


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    1. Course Overview

    2. Introduction

    1. Electrical Power

    2. Electric Power Equation E = V x Q

    3. Electric Energy

    4. Power in R, L, and C Circuits

    1. AC Inductive Circuits

    2. AC Capacitive Circuits

    3. Series Resistors - Capacitor Circuits

    1. Trig Identity 1

    2. Trig Identity 2

    1. AC Power

    2. Instantaneous Power Formula

    3. Reactive Power

    4. Real and Reactive Power

    1. Electrical Power

    2. Equations

    3. Reactive Power

    4. Apparent Power

    5. Real Power

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