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This course discusses common maintenance strategies currently employed in the engineering world. You will learn:

  • What maintenance is and how it is defined.
  • Breakdown maintenance and its pros and cons.
  • Preventive maintenance and its pros and cons.
  • Predictive maintenance and its pros and cons.
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) and its pros and cons.

You will also learn about current trends concerning which maintenance strategies are growing in popularity and which are becoming less relevant. 

This course is ideal for someone wishing to know why we perform maintenance, and its importance in the engineering world.


This is a non-video (NV) course. Please check for the associated video course if you prefer this method of learning.


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    1. Reactive Maintenance

    2. Reactive Maintenance Pros & Cons

    1. Preventive Maintenance

    2. Preventive Maintenance Pros & Cons

    1. Predictive Maintenance

    2. Predictive Maintenance Pros & Cons

    1. Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)

    2. RCM Pros & Cons

    1. Final Thoughts

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