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Filters and strainers are used in almost all industrial processes. They are used in hydraulic systems, oil systems, cooling systems, liquid waste disposal, water purification and coolant systems (to name a few applications). But what is the difference between a filter and a strainer? When do engineers select strainers rather than filters, or vice versa? In this course, you will learn the answer to all of these questions and a lot more. You will learn:

  • What defines a strainer and filter?
  • Different designs of filter. 
  • Different designs of strainer. 
  • How to select a suitable strainer or filter.
  • The advantages and disadvantages with filters and strainers. 
  • And a lot more!

This course is ideal for anyone training or working in an industry where gases or liquids are conveyed within a system i.e. pretty much every process from household plumbing to large industrial plants. 

Hope to see you on the course! 


This is a non-video (NV) course. Please check for the associated video course if you prefer this method of learning.


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    1. Introduction

    1. Filtration

    2. Cartridge Filters

    3. Precoat Filters

    4. Back Washing Precoat Filters

    5. Deep-Bed Filters

    6. Metal-Edged Filters

    1. Strainers

    2. Y-Strainer

    3. Basket Strainer

    4. Duplex Strainer

    5. Steam Strainer

    1. Back Washing

    1. Filters and Strainers Summary

    1. Interactive 3D Models

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