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  • 2.5 Hours

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In this course, you will learn:

  • How does an electrical transformer work?

  • How does a Buchholz relay work?

  • How does a silica gel breather work?

  • What does ONAN mean?

  • Why do we need transformers in the electrical grid?

  • Where are transformers installed in the electrical grid?

The course is designed to take you from zero to hero concerning electrical transformer knowledge. Even if you already have some electrical engineering knowledge, or work as an electrician, this course will serve as an efficient refresher. Whatever your level of understanding,

Interactive 3D models are used extensively to show you exactly how a transformer and its components work.

The course is packed with 2D images, 2D animations and 3D animations and high quality written content. Written content has been read aloud so that you can 'learn on the go' without needing to watch the screen constantly. 

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Enjoy the course!

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  • 2
    Transformer Theory
    • Current Flowing In A Conductor
    • Faraday`s Law Of Electromagnetic Induction
    • Mutual Induction
    • Basic Transformer Theory
    • Magnetic Leakage
    • Efficiency
    • Power and Power Loss FREE PREVIEW
    • Transformer Operation Under No-load
    • Turns ratio
    • Voltage ratio
  • 3
    Transformer Types, Designs and Applications
    • Step-Up And Step-down Transformers
    • The Grid
    • Transformer Designs
  • 4
    Interactive 3D Transformers
    • 3D Dry Type Transformer
    • 3D Hermetic Liquid Immersed Transformer
    • 3D Conservator Type Transformer
  • 5
    Transformer Cooling
    • Transformer Cooling Explained
  • 6
    Transformer Components
  • 7
    Tap Changers
  • 8
    • General Transformer Maintenance
    • Transformer Killers
  • 9
    Final Note
    • Final Note
    • Refresher Transformer Components and Functions
  • 10
    Bonus Lecture
    • Why Are Transformers & Generators Rated In kVA And Not kW