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Disconnectors are used to break electrical circuits and to isolate/de-energise sections of an electrical network. Like many other pieces of equipment within a high voltage network, disconnectors are an essential piece of equipment. This course teaches you:

  • Why disconnectors are required within an electrical network.
  • All a disconnector’s main components and how they work. 
  • Different disconnector designs (centre break, vertical break etc.).
  • Purpose of earthing switches.
  • Disconnector and earthing switch technical requirements. 
  • Condition assessment and maintenance of disconnectors.

After finishing this course, you will be able to identify the different types of electrical disconnector, all their main components, typical applications and how they are maintained. 

Hope to see you on the course!


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  • 2
  • 3
    Earthing Switches
    • Earthing Switches
    • Earthing Switch Designs
  • 4
    Disconnector and Earthing Switch Design Technical Requirements
    • Disconnector and Earthing Switch Design and Technical Requirements
    • Current & Thermal Considerations
    • Dielectric or Insulation Requirements
    • Corona and RIV
    • Electrical and Mechanical Endurance
    • Bus - Transfer Capability
    • Induced Current Discharge Capability
    • Safety and Interlocking
  • 5
    Condition Assessment and Maintenance
    • Condition Assessment and Maintenance
  • 6
    • Introduction to Electrical Disconnectors Handbook