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Batteries are a fundamental part of our society. Batteries are used to:

  • Start your car.

  • Power your watch.

  • Power your laptop.

  • Power your smartphone.

  • Power emergency lighting.

  • Start emergency generators.

  • And much much more!

But how do batteries function? Why are there so many different types? And why have they found widespread application in everything from wrist watches to power stations? After completing this course, you will be able answer all of these questions and many more. In this course, you will learn:

  • How batteries work (chemical reactions etc.).
  • Battery terminology (Ah, specific gravity, voltaic cell etc.).
  • Different battery designs and types (lead acid, nickel-cadmium, mercury etc.).
  • Battery hazards (shorting, gas generation etc.).
  • Battery operations (series, parallel, primary, secondary etc.).
  • And a lot more!

The course is designed to take you from zero to hero concerning batteries knowledge. Even if you already have some background knowledge, this course will serve as an efficient refresher. 

Interactive 3D models are used extensively to show you exactly how batteries and their components work.

The course is packed with images, 2D animations, interactive 3D models and 3D animations and high quality written content. Written content has been read aloud so that you can 'learn on the go' without needing to watch the screen constantly.  

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Enjoy the course!


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    1. Course Overview

    1. Battery Terminology

    2. Conventional Current

    3. Voltaic Galvanic Cell

    4. Battery

    5. 3D Cell vs Battery

    6. Electrode

    7. Electrolyte

    8. Wet and Dry Cells

    9. Specific Gravity

    10. Ampere Hour

    11. Cranking and Deep Cycle

    12. Voltage Conditions

    13. Battery Terminology Summary

    14. Battery Terminology Quiz

    1. Battery Construction

    2. Posts and Terminals

    3. Single Post and Multi Post

    4. Containers and Jars

    5. Battery Plates

    6. Battery Construction Summary

    7. 3D Battery Components

    8. 3D Batttery Example 2

    9. Battery Construction Quiz

    1. Battery Theory

    2. Redox Reaction

    3. Electrochemical Cells

    4. Galvanic and Electrolytic Cells

    5. Discharge and Charging of Lead Acid Battery

    6. Battery Theory Summary

    7. Battery Theory Quiz

    1. Battery Operations

    2. Charge and Discharge

    3. Series Cells

    4. Parallel Cells

    5. Primary Cells

    6. Secondary Cells

    7. Capacity

    8. Battery Cycle and DOD

    9. Cycle Life

    10. Service Life

    11. Shelf Life

    12. Detrimental Factors

    13. Battery Operations Summary

    14. Battery Operations Quiz

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