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What will you learn in this course?


What is the most common electric motor type in the world? The 3-phase induction motor! It’s used in many machines ranging from washing machines to large power station cooling pumps. But why? What makes this type of motor so robust and suitable for such a wide range of applications? In this course, you will get the answers to all of these questions and many more! You will learn:

  • The history of how the induction motor was developed. 
  • Why we use electric motors for so many applications.
  • What voltage, current, resistance, and frequency are. 
  • How induction motors work
  • What single-phase and three-phase power are.
  • What Coulombs are.
  • Fundamentals concerning magnets, magnetism, and electromagnetism
  • Faraday’s law and its importance within electrical engineering.
  • Lenz’s law and its importance to electric motor operation.
  • All of an induction motor’s parts, including the rotor, stator, bearings, terminal box, and frame etc.
  • How to read a motor nameplate.
  • Maintenance associated with an induction motor. 
  • And a lot more!

This course is designed to help you build your electrical engineering knowledge from the ground up and within a short period of time. Even if you have been working within the engineering industry for a while, this course will act as a nice refresher. 



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    1. Voltage, Current and Resistance

    2. Note On Coulombs

    3. Magnets and Magnetism

    4. Electromagnetism

    5. Electrical Current

    6. Faraday's Law

    7. Faraday's Law Part 2

    8. Lenz's Law

    9. Frequency

    1. Induction Motors Parts

    2. Rotor

    3. Stator

    4. Bearings

    5. Motor Frame

    6. Lifting Eye

    7. Terminal Box

    8. Nameplate

    9. Maintenance

    1. Final Thoughts

    2. Final Quiz

    1. Interactive 3D Models

    2. Induction Electric Motor Rotor (Squirrel Cage)

    3. Induction Electric Motor (Squirrel Cage)

    4. How To Cool A Motor...

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