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High voltage instrument transformers are critical components within electrical transmission systems. They are present in all substations, switchyards, and electrical grids. Despite this, their purpose is often misunderstood. When you have finished this course, you will know: 

  • Where high voltage instrument transformers are used within the electrical system/grid. 
  • How they work (operational theory).
  • Their applications (metering, protection etc.).
  • Their main components.
  • The different designs that are available.
  • What factors influence their application (burden, accuracy, insulation level etc.).

This course is essential if you are working in the power generation, power transmission, or power distribution industries. 

Enjoy the course!

Course Curriculum

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    1. Basic Concepts and Operating Principles

    2. Metering and Protection Application

    3. Open Secondary Winding

    4. Construction and Components

    5. Oil-immersed Current Transformers

    6. Construction of a Hair-pin (Tank Type) Current Transformer

    7. Construction of a Top Core Current Transformer

    1. Design Considerations and Selection Criteria

    2. Electric Insulation Level

    3. Transformer Ratio

    4. Accuracy and Burden Rating

    5. Polarity Markings

    1. Voltage Transformers (VT)

    2. Basic Concepts and Operating Principles of a CVT

    3. Construction and Components

    4. Design Considerations and Selection

    5. Electric Insulation Level

    6. Rated Voltages

    7. Accuracy and Burden Rating

    8. CVT as a Coupling Capacitor in PLC Communication

    1. High Voltage Instrument Transformers Handbook

    2. Interactive 3D Models

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