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What will you learn in this course?


This course will teach you the basic fundamental knowledge you need to work with AC circuits. If you are working in any electrical engineering industry, this course is essential.

You will learn:

  • What alternating current (AC) is and how to identify AC waveforms. 
  • What phase shifting is. 
  • How to describe AC quantities. 
  • What root mean square (RMS) is and its significance. 
  • What electrical vectors (phasers) are and how to identify their characteristics, such as length, frequency, relative phase angles etc.
  • Polar notation and its relevance. 
  • What the terms reactance and impedance are. 
  • What resistive, inductive and capacitive (RLC) circuits are.
  • How to describe power flow within an AC circuit.
  • What harmonic frequency is. 
  • Significance of resonance frequency in AC generators.


Graham has been involved with the power engineering industry for over 35 years. He has taught thousands of students, both online, and offline. In this course, he will pass onto you some of what he has learnt during his time in the power engineering industry.

So if you want to learn about AC circuit analysis, you have come to the right place!

Enjoy the course!


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    1. Introduction

    2. Electromagnets

    3. Mutual Inductance

    4. Sinusoidal Waves and RMS Values

    5. Measurements of AC Magnitude

    1. Vectors and Phasors

    2. Polar Notation

    3. Rectangular Notation

    4. Phasor Arithmetic

    1. R, L, C, Circuits

    2. AC Inductive Circuits

    3. Series Resistor - Inductor Circuit

    4. Series Resistor - Inductor Circuit Example

    5. AC Capacitive Circuits

    6. Series Resistor - Capacitor Circuits

    7. AC Capacitive Circuits Example

    8. Review

    9. Ohm's Law for AC Circuits

    10. Reactance and Impedance R, L, C

    1. Working with AC Circuits

    2. Parallel R, L, C, Circuits

    1. Power Flow in AC Circuits

    2. AC Resistance Circuits

    3. AC Inductive Circuits

    4. AC Capacitive Circuits

    5. Electric Power

    6. An Electrical Pendulum

    7. The Pendulum

    8. An Electrical Pendulum Harmonic Motion

    9. Simple Parallel Circuit at Resonance

    10. Simple Series Resonance Circuit

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