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What will you learn in this course?


Want to separate water and solids from oil in an efficient manner? Then you will need a centrifugal separator! Purifiers and clarifiers are types of centrifugal separators, also known as ‘centrifuges’. These machines are used throughout many engineering industries for things like:

  • Removing solids and water from fuel oil (water from diesel etc.).
  • Removing fat from milk to make skimmed milk (the removed fat is sold as cream).
  • Removing gums and lecithin from vegetable oil (improves quality of oil, gums sold as a by-product). 

Without centrifugal separators, it would be very hard to produce the volume of substances that humans need. But…what are these amazing machines and how do they work? In this course, you will find out! You will learn:

  • What centrifugal separators are. 
  • The meaning of the words ‘centrifuge’, ‘purifier’, and ‘clarifier’.
  • All the names of a separator’s internal and external parts.
  • How centrifugal separators work
  • What a typical ship fuel system looks like. 
  • The differences between a purifier and clarifier.
  • How to maintain a centrifugal separator.
  • And much more!

This course focuses on marine fuel oil purifiers, but the knowledge gained can be transferred to many engineering industries. Other important info…

  • This course is taught by an ex-marine engineer with 20 years’'re in good hands!
  • An animated interactive 3D model shows you a purifier in detail and how it works.
  • High quality 2D images highlight areas of interest.
  • Enjoy crisp, clean audio throughout the course.
  • Relax. We have taught over 50,000 online students. We know what we are doing!
  • Quiz provided. 
  • Certificate provided.

Hope to see you on the course!

Course curriculum

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    1. Fuel System Example

    2. Purifier Fluids and Solids

    3. Internal Parts

    4. Drive Train

    5. Flows In and Out

    6. Exterior Parts

    7. How Purifiers Work

    8. Operation and Parts Quiz

    1. Maintenance

    2. Purifier Maintenance Quiz

    1. Final Thoughts

    2. Final Quiz

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