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What will you learn in this course?


Without exception, the reciprocating piston engine is the most influential machine ever invented by mankind. From its early beginnings as a steam engine, the piston engine has revolutionised the way we live, work and travel. This course will teach you more about this truly amazing machine.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Detailed two stroke and four stroke cycles.
  • Detailed two and four stroke timing diagrams.
  • Thermodynamic gas cycles (Otto, Diesel etc.).
  • Maintenance strategies (breakdown, scheduled, predictive etc.)
  • How an engine is started (starter circuit).
  • Centrifugal and electrical-hydraulic governors.
  • What indicator and compression diagrams are.
  • Engine protection - how to protect using temperature, pressure, flow and level measurements.
  • And a lot more!

The course is designed to build on the knowledge gained in the Diesel Engine Fundamentals course, although this course is also suitable to anyone who already has some diesel engine or automotive engineering background knowledge. As diesel generators are also used for rotating machinery such as sprinkler pumps and emergency generators, engineers working in HVAC, Power Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and other Mechanical Engineering related industries will find this course useful.

Written content has been read aloud so that you can 'learn on the go' without needing to watch the screen constantly.

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    1. Four and Two Stroke Engine Introduction

    2. Four Stroke Engine Cycle

    3. Four Stroke Engine Timing Diagram

    4. Four Stroke Engine Intake Stroke

    5. Four Stroke Engine Compression Stroke

    6. Four Stroke Engine Fuel Injection

    7. Four Stroke Engine Power Stroke

    8. Four Stroke Engine Exhaust Stroke

    9. Four Stroke Engine Cycle Summary

    10. Detailed Four Stroke Engine Cycle Quiz

    1. Two Stroke Engine Cycle Revisited

    2. Two Stroke Engine Exhaust and Intake Strokes

    3. Two Stroke Engine Compression Stroke

    4. Two Stroke Engine Power Stroke

    5. Large Two Stroke Engine Timing Diagram

    6. Two Stroke Engine Cycle Summary

    7. Detailed Two Stroke Engine Cycle Quiz

    1. Maintenance Strategies Introduction

    2. Types of Maintenance Strategies

    3. Reactive Maintenance

    4. Reactive Maintenance Pros and Cons

    5. Preventive Maintenance

    6. Preventive Maintenance Pros and Cons

    7. Predictive Maintenance

    8. Predictive Maintenance Pros and Cons

    9. Reliability Centred Maintenance

    10. Reliability Centred Maintenance Pros and Cons

    11. Maintenance Strategy In Action

    12. Maintenance Strategies Quiz

    1. Thermodynamic Cycles Introduction

    2. Pressure Temperature and Volume

    3. Amontons Law (Temperature and Pressure Linear Relationship)

    4. Charles Law (Volume to Temperature Relationship)

    5. Pressure and Volume Diagram (PV Diagram)

    6. Diesel Gas Cycle

    7. Thermodynamic Cycles

    8. Power Cards

    9. Compression Diagrams

    10. Thermodynamic Cycles Summary

    11. Thermodynamic Cycles Introduction Quiz

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