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What will you learn in this course?


Without exception, the reciprocating piston engine is the most influential machine ever invented by mankind. From its early beginnings as a steam engine, the piston engine has revolutionised the way we live, work and travel. This course will teach you about this truly amazing machine.

You will learn:
- How An Engine Works.
- How Two Stroke and Four Stroke Engines Work.
- The Difference Between Petrol/Gasoline and Diesel Engines.
- Engine Components (Piston Rings, Rocker Arms, Valves etc.).
- Engine Systems (Water, Oil, Air, Exhaust and Electrical).
- Engine Terminology (BDC, TDC, Firing Order etc.).
- How Engine Ancillaries Work (Turbocharger, Supercharger etc.).
- And a lot lot more!

The course is designed to take you from zero to hero concerning combustion engine knowledge. Even if you already have some background knowledge, this course will serve as an efficient refresher, whatever your level of understanding, or engineering background (HVAC, power engineering, oil and gas, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering etc.).

Interactive 3D models are used extensively to show you each individual engine component and how these components work together to complete useful work.

The course is packed with images, 2D animations, interactive 3D models and 3D animations and high quality written content. Written content has been read aloud so that you can 'learn on the go' without needing to watch the screen constantly.

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    1. Diesel Engines Introduction

    2. Comparison of Diesel and Petrol/Gasoline Engines

    3. Introduction Quiz

    1. Major Diesel Engine Components

    2. The Cylinder Block

    3. Crankcase and Oil Pan

    4. Cylinder Sleeve Or Bore

    5. Straight and V-Line

    6. Piston and Piston Rings

    7. Four and Two Stroke Lubrication Oil Systems

    8. Connecting Rod

    9. Crankshaft

    10. White Metal Bearing

    11. Flywheel

    12. Cylinder Head

    13. Intake and Exhaust Valves

    14. Timing Gears, Camshafts and Valve Mechanism

    15. Blower

    16. Engine Components Quiz

    1. Diesel Engine Support Systems

    2. Engine Cooling

    3. How Engine Cooling Water Systems Work

    4. Engine Lubrication

    5. How Lubrication Oil Filters Work

    6. Fuel System

    7. Charging and Scavenging

    8. Air Intake System

    9. Turbocharging

    10. How Turbochargers Work

    11. Supercharging

    12. Exhaust System

    13. Diesel Engine Systems Quiz

    1. Operational Terminology

    2. Spark Ignition and Compression Ignition

    3. Bore and Stroke

    4. Engine Displacement

    5. Degree of Crankshaft Rotation

    6. Firing Order

    7. Compression Ratio and Clearance Volume

    8. Horsepower

    9. Engine Terminology Quiz

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