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Engineering is a mixture of mathematics and science. Mathematicians create theories whilst scientists prove these theories in the real world, but its engineers who have to find useful applications for this new found knowledge. If you want to excel as an engineer, you need a firm base in the subjects of Math and Science. This course will help you start to build that base!

This course covers:

  • Calculator buttons and functions.
  • Hierarchy of mathematical operations.
  • Averages.
  • Fractions.
  • Decimals.
  • Signed numbers.
  • Significant digits.
  • Percentages.
  • Exponents.
  • Scientific notation.
  • Radicals.

You will learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, signed numbers, fractions, exponents and radicals

You will be introduced to many mathematical terms, such as multiplicand, minuend, subtrahend and quotient

The course contains many exercises and fully worked solutions. Quiz questions have been added after each section so that you can test your knowledge.

For those who prefer to work offline, several downloadable PDFs have been added to the course resources section.

This course is the first of several Math courses covering algebra, trigonometry, geometry, differentiation, integration and statistics. If you want to learn more about Math, saVRee can help!

Hope you enjoy the course!


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    1. Welcome

    1. The Decimal Numbering System

    2. Adding Whole Numbers

    3. Subtracting Whole Numbers

    4. Multiplying Whole Numbers

    5. Dividing Whole Numbers

    6. Hierarchy of Mathematical Operations

    7. Summary

    8. Arithmetic Operations Quiz


    2. Average Value

    3. Summary

    4. Averages Quiz

    1. Proper and Improper Fractions

    2. Equivalent Fractions

    3. Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

    4. Least Common Denominator Using Primes

    5. Addition and Subtraction

    6. Multiplication

    7. Division

    8. Summary

    9. Fractions Quiz


    2. Fraction to Decimal Conversion

    3. Decimal to Fraction Conversion

    4. Addition and Subtraction of Decimals

    5. Multiplying Decimals

    6. Dividing Decimals

    7. Rounding Off

    8. Summary

    9. Decimals Quiz

    1. Calculator Usage, Special Keys

    2. Addition

    3. Subtraction

    4. Multiplication

    5. Division

    6. Summary

    7. Signed Numbers Quiz

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